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A Christmas Valentine

It’s here! My new book is called A Christmas Valentine and will be out in just a few more days (December 9th). It’s been awhile since I wrote a new story so this is very exciting for me. I think it would make a great movie!


Lana Deerling has it all: a great career as a television producer for the hit show Let’s Cook!, a spectacular L.A. apartment, and a wonderful boyfriend…except that he just broke it off, and now news has reached her about her past. Will she be able to hold on to everything that she has worked so hard for?

Sophia Blessing has it all too: her dream of opening a bookshop—A Little Piece of Heaven—in Saugatuck, her own cottage by Lake Michigan, and close family and friends…except her bookshop is in trouble. Can a mysterious phone call and Sophia’s passion for art be her hope for the future? Dare she dream again?

In a twist of fate, these two women meet. Will a house swap over the week of Valentine’s Day provide some answers? What they find on the other side of the country might surprise them, and possibly change their lives forever.

  1. kathyscottage12-07-16

    YAY! I’m so excited to read your new book. I love your stories!

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