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The Forgiven Duke – Discussion Questions

  1. When Gabriel sees Alexandria with another man putting his arm around her he feels jealousy, fear and anger. The Bible says that God is a jealous God. Stop and imagine how He feels when we let Satan “put an arm around us.” Describe a moment in your life when you let this happen or felt this way.
  2. Alexandria is already regretting her promise to marry John but she needs him to continue her quest to find her parents and ignores that little voice that tells her to trust God. Have you ever used someone to gain a desired end? What happened?
  3. Gabriel struggles to trust God when he is taken back to London, desperate to keep Alexandria from marrying the wrong man. Circumstances make it seem like God isn’t listening and doesn’t care. Describe a time in your life when it seemed like God had abandoned you. How did it turn out?
  4. Gabriel loses his hearing and is dealing with life without sound. Have you ever had a devastating change happen to you? How did you handle it?
  5. What do you think of the hero or heroine in a story having a disability?
  6. What did you think of a story set in Iceland? Did the descriptions help you imagine it?
  7. Gabriel experiences intercessory prayer for Alexandria, realizing that he can still guard and protect her from afar through prayer. Have you ever had an intercessory prayer experience? What happened?
  8. Alexandria discovers that her mother is deliberately leaving clues for her. Why do you think she would do that? Any ideas what might be coming in book three of the series – A Duke’s Promise?
  9. John does a terrible thing to Alexandria and her reaction is not as strong as it might be. She also doesn’t give herself permission to be angry with her parents for their neglect. Do you or a close family member/friend stuff your feelings? Does it come out later in an explosion or leak out in behaviors or attitudes? What happens and what can you do about it?
  10. When Gabriel is beaten God tells him to sing to endure it. Has God ever given you a seemingly strange instruction to help you get through something? What happened?
  11. Gabriel finally takes Alexandria back to London and to his home but finds he cannot tell her of his affliction. The fear of her rejection is too great. Have you ever feared rejection so much that you were frozen? Have you let opportunities or relationships pass you by because of this fear? What happened?
  12. When Gabriel finally tells Alexandria she reacts with love and compassion. Have you ever taken the risk and found the results surprising and wonderful? What happened?
  13. Alexandria is thrilled that Gabriel has finally trusted her and is falling in love with him, but when he asks her to marry him she hesitates because she is hiding a secret of her own. What do you think they will discover on their wedding night?
  14. Next up, the Duke and Duchess of St. Easton continue their journey to find Alexandria’s parents in Italy. Which of the setting have you enjoyed the most? Ireland, Holy Island, London, Iceland and now Italy? If you wrote a novel where would you set it? Why?