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The Guardian Duke – Discussion Questions

  1. The unthinkable happens to the Duke of St. Easton in the opening scene. It is so devastating that he goes through the stages of grief when dealing with it – denial, bargaining with God, anger, confusion, depression and a numb kind of acceptance. Have you or anyone close to you had something like this happen? What happened and how did you/they cope? Can you mark the emotional transitions? What is the state of affairs now and what can you do about it?
  2. Alexandria Featherstone has the heart of an adventuress and the imagination of a story teller. What about you? I know life can get in the way of an adventurous spirit. There are any number of responsibilities – parents, marriage and children, lack of finances, lack of courage, lack of faith. Life gets in the way. Do you feel like you are living your grand adventure? If not, why? Can you change that?
  3. Alex has an extended family system that helps to support her. When I was growing up my father was the pastor for a small congregation. Those people became sort of an extended family. What about you? Do you feel a part of a community? And if so, how does it play out? If not, do you wish for this? Are you willing to deal with all the challenged that comes with living in close community or are you more comfortable going it alone? Discuss.
  4. What role do you automatically take when in a group of close family/friends? (i.e. peacemaker, counselor, mother, teacher, friend with judgments, etc.) What could you work on to be a better friend/family member?
  5. Gabriel looks to music to fill something missing within him. The “fix” only lasts a little while but even though he is so wealthy and intelligent it is all he has found that gives him life. What in your life gives you a “fix.” Gossip? A substance of choice? Controlling the people around you? Shopping? Eating?  Fill in the blank.  How can we stop and trust God for our every need?
  6. Gabriel becomes attached to Alexandria in a way he never knew possible for him – through letters. How did love find you? (Whether God’s love or man’s) If it hasn’t happened yet, how do you imagine it happening? Are you open to the possibility of something you never considered? Think of all the ways love could show itself to you and from you. Make a list of how you could love others in a new way.
  7. Have you ever struck out on a new adventure without enough money or resources, just by faith? (Think of the disciples leaving everything to follow Jesus!) What happened? Do you want to do it again? What’s holding you back?
  8. Alex longs to be a successful investigator and she has some talent for it, but the people she loves most, her parents, have discouraged her. Has this happened to you? If you could do or be anything, and you knew you wouldn’t fail at it, what would you do/be?
  9. Gabriel and Alex both allow outside influences to side track their mission. How easily distracted are you from God’s calling on your life? What does the trap look like? Is it a matter of not recognizing it or it’s too appealing to deny? What can you do about it?
  10. A little like Mr. Magoo or Forest Gump, Alex stumbles through life with everything falling into place for her. She has a natural way with people that makes her likable and gains their friendship and loyalty. For most of us this isn’t the case. Do you know someone like this, someone with the “golden touch?” How do you feel about this? Why does it seem like God blesses some and not others despite what they do?
  11. Gabriel comes to depend on his friend and secretary, Meade, more and more as he deals with his affliction. His pride takes a blow in the process. What about you? Are you a caregiver or think you someday might be? What if something happened and you needed care? What might happen and how would you feel about that? Do you talk about these issues with family/friends?
  12. Gabriel goes from a powerful, wise and knowing duke in charge of his life to a broken, wretched soul on the chase for the love of his life. But he is more alive than he’s ever been. Sometimes the hard times are the best. What is one of the hard times in your life where you felt the most alive? What happened and where are you now?
  13. Meade is the strength in flesh that Gabriel needs during this time of testing and Montague is Alexandria champion. Has God sent you “angels in flesh” to help overcome the tough times in life? What happened and who are they? Have you been that to another?
  14. This one is for fun. This series is called the Forgotten Castles series as I love discovering hidden treasures. Have you traveled abroad? Visited any castles?  Where is your dream vacation?