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Wind Dancer


A love story beyond imagination …

Isabelle Renoir is different. A free spirit who dances alone in the moonlight as a praise offering to God, she\’s more at home in the woods with her long rifle and knife than cooking and cleaning like the other women in her wilderness town.

But as the shadow of the American Revolution stretches to the frontier, Isabelle finds herself on a journey that may overwhelm even her fearlessness and strength. And when the raven-haired beauty meets mysterious Samuel Holt, sparks fly. It takes an unthinkable attack and capture at the hands of Indians to push them together in a fight against deep spiritual forces …

Forces no physical weapon could ever conquer.

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Did you ever feel like you were destined for a grand adventure? That your life to this point was preparing you for something exciting to happen? That is how Isabelle Renoir feels.

Times are turbulent during the American Revolution, and no less heaving for the scattered folks eking out a living on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains. Isabelle is bursting with purpose, but she doesn’t understand the cost, the terror that will befall her in finding it. Samuel Holt is a guardian, one of the famed and feared Long Knives. He is busy protecting and providing for the scattered forts, keeping his scalp attached with finely honed skills in weaponry, stealth, and cunning. When war becomes imminent, Samuel joins his friend, George Rogers Clark, in taking the British-held forts along the great Ohio River. Samuel didn’t plan on a woman of his own ever again; but then he never imagined a raven-haired woman who dances in the wind.

Dear friend. This is our story. The story of mankind living in a fallen world and the fight to meet and hear and love and trust the Great Almighty . . . despite it all. My hope is that you are as inspired by Samuel and Isabelle, and yes, George Rogers Clark and his mighty, rag-tag army, to live in that otherworldly place of faith and trust and most of all, His Truth.

Jamie Carie

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Discussion Questions (Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t read the book yet these questions might give some of the story away!)

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