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  Hi Fans! I want to give you all an update… About three years ago I gradually stopped writing as an every day/career kind of way of life. I just didn’t have it in me any more. The things I wanted to write wouldn’t quite come….so I’m waiting for them to pour out of me. […]


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Family Fiction E-zine

Check out Family Fiction E-zine! Interview with Jamie Carie on page 32. Thanks, Rel, for a great interview!


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Snippet of an Interview…

Hey all!  I was interviewed on Favorite PASTimes blog the last couple of days and there is still time to comment for a chance to win a copy of Pirate of my Heart! Here’s a snippet of it. You can go to Favorite PASTimes to read the rest and enter! You have some great stories […]


Please Welcome, the Wonderful Julie Carobini!

Julie is such a sweetheart AND a great writer so I am thrilled to introduce you to her new book, Fade to Blue. Isn’t the cover lovely? How do you restore a soul? One brush stroke at a time … Suz Mitchell is a determined dreamer, and won’t allow her ex-husband’s jail sentence to ruin […]


Do You Like Pirates? British Spies? Me too!

(Love the woman on this cover, btw! I’ve written about a few platinum blonds and she fits very well!) When I first heard about Marylu Tyndall’s books full of pirates and spies, adventure and danger, well . . . I was intrigued! Then, after reading some of her blog and facebook posts, I knew I […]


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Lots of Fun at CBD!

CBD (Christian Book Distributors) has posted some fun articles about The Snowflake. Here are the links: Christmas Memories: Find out about my favorite Christmas memory! Discussion Questions: Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t read the book yet, this will give some things away. Author Interview: More Product Info: Buy it here!|725881|67484


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Interview with LifeWay!

For those who don’t know, my publisher, B&H Publishing, is the publishing arm of the giant corporation, LifeWay. I was so excited to hear that Rachel McRae at the LifeWay Fiction Blog wanted to do an interview. You can read it here and be sure and stop back by on Friday, December 3rd, as she […]


Author Interview for The Snowflake

  Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?             I’m a preacher’s daughter, the eldest of five children, and a proud bookworm! I was incredibly blessed to have been raised with a constant flow of the Word of God playing in the background of my childhood (i.e. teaching tapes on cassette by […]


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Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Men Beyond Work, Weather and Sports

Dear lovely readers, we are in for a real treat today as I have the great honor of interviewing my agent, Wes Yoder of Ambassador Literary Agency! Wes has a new book out, Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Men Beyond Work, Weather and Sports. I’m excited to find out more about Wes and his new […]


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An Interview with Bookstore Owner Kira Brant

I thought it would be fun to hear from a Christian bookstore owner so I asked Kira Brant of Kira’s Cottage in Franklin, Indiana to give us a peak into her world. Thanks, Kira! How did you get started in this business? Have you always wanted to own a bookstore? I actually got started right […]