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Oh My Goodness! I Found My Historical Twin!

Doing research on the British Museum and ran along this photo of a painting of a young woman ca 1818-1821. My mouth dropped open in shock. Looks like me about twenty years ago. Even the hands are similar. What do you think? Sir William Beechey (British, 1753-1839) Portrait of Kitty Packe (née Hart), ca. 1818-1821 […]


Sometimes Life Gets In the Way or Help! I Need an Assistant!

Between spring break in Chicago and working on the next book, edits on the last book and painting my bedroom (I bought new Vera Wang bedding from Kohls which started a bedroom makeover!!) . . . well, my poor blog has suffered a bit. Rest assured, I have some great things coming up for you! […]


A Valentine For You

I promised all my fans a special surprise for Valentine’s Day! It’s so pretty. I hope you like it! You mean so much to me! XOXO!


Need some Valentine’s Day Sentiments?

Are you sending an ecard or making a homemade Valentine’s Day card this year? Do you need some help with what to say? I’ve compiled a few phrases that you can have for your sweet Valentine. I hope one of them strikes you as just what you wanted to say! Enjoy! (The (O) stands for outside of […]


A Prayer for the New Year

I pray you have support this year. Whatever stage you are at and at whatever crossroads you may encounter, I pray those around you will be Holy Spirit inspired to speak hope and love and encouragement into your life. I pray for time, energy and the anointing to do your calling. I pray an Aaron […]


Happy Holidays!

I’m hooked on this website! Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!