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Contemporary Romance vs. Historical Romance….

Which do you like better? Contemporary Romance or Historical Romances?

I find contemporaries are fun and a bit easier to write (less research) although my husband and I went to Universal Studios in Hollywood and took the Studio Lot Tour for research for The Christmas Valentine. I learned so much from that tour and our trip to L.A. I guess that’s the fun kind of research!

Historicals are more involved and I find that sometimes the setting/time period leads the story in a more important way, sometimes becoming the protagonist. That can happen in contemporaries of course (think earthquake, natural disasters, landmarks, etc.) but it hasn’t been the case for my contemporaries yet. ūüôā Here’s two different options to choose from:

Highlander1               A_Christmas_Valentine_bold_finished

Historial, Christmas tale set in Scotland. ¬† ¬†Contemporary Christmas/Valentine’s tale set in Saugatuck and L.A.

Both are under $3.99! Less than most greeting cards or a movie ticket! Enjoy!


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