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First Chance At Book Three in the Forgotten Castles Series!

31 Jul Contests | 9 comments

There is a little time left to enter the Forgotten Castles Blog Tour for a chance to win the grand prize of all three books in the series including an ARC for A Duke’s Promise! Check out the schedule and enter today!

July 1-Release Date
2A Soul Unsung– Excerpt #1, Dream Cast
5- Cummins Life -Review, Writer’s Cave
6-Taking It One Page at a Time -Review, Guardian Duke Chapter 1
7-The Paperback Princesses– Guest Post
9- Book Club Sisters– Excerpt #2, Cover Reveal (The Duke’s Promise)
10-A Soul Unsung– Review
11-Colorimetry– Interview
12-Totally Booked Solid – Review, 6 Words Post
14-Simply Young Adult-The Guardian Duke Chapter 2
      Legacy of a Writer –Review
16-A Dream Within A Dream -Excerpt #3
17-Megan Likes Books – Author Spotlight
18-Colorimetry – Review
23- Comfort Books – Excerpt #4, Music Playlist
25- Bookworm Lisa – Review
27-Bookshelf Confessions –Author Interview
28-Book Club Sisters–Review
30-Reviews By Molly– Review, Excerpt #5
31-Bookshelf Confessions -Review and Grand Giveaway
Stop by and join the fun!
Happy summer reading!!


  1. Kimberly07-31-12

    I have read the first two books and absolutely LOVED them! I can’t wait to read the last book!

  2. Donna08-02-12

    I have read all your books except this last series, just waiting for the third one to come out before I start on them. I’ve enjoying reading you books especially Angel’s Den and Love’s first light, really all of them. Can’t wait to start on your latest three.

  3. Kristi08-08-12

    Donna, you are a smart, smart lady!!! I won the first and within 6 hrs after I finished it I begged a ARC copy from a friend of the second………..and THEN realized that the third would not be released for some time. I have not devoured books like this in a VERY LONG TIME. Wish I was in that crew of reviewers!!!

  4. jamiecarie08-08-12

    Donna and Kristi you both are cracking me up!! It blesses my socks off that you are so invested in the story!! Kristi, can I tweet and FB about your comment and quote you? It’s such a great thing to say!

  5. Maxie Anderson08-09-12

    I would love to enter this contest. And I shared on Facebook. Maxie ( )

  6. melody08-09-12

    So I’ll know for next time – what was I supposed to do for the ‘tour?’ How would I have entered?

  7. jamiecarie08-09-12

    Hey Melody, you can go to my Facebook page and “like” it and enter to win one of five copies I am currently giving away. Just go here! Also, I’m planning to give away a copy on Goodreads next week so keep checking my blog. There are going to be lots more chances to win A Duke’s Promise this month!

  8. Jennifer08-14-12

    Is this going to be released as an e book

  9. jamiecarie08-14-12

    Hi Jennifer! Yes, all of my books are on e-book. Just go to Amazon for Kindle or the other many e-book outlets for other formats. Have you read the first two in the series? If so, and you’re waiting for A Duke’s Promise, it will be out electronically on September 1st. Thanks for reading my books!!

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