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Four Days to Go!

I just returned from a visit to Lake of the Ozarks where my husband’s aunt and uncle live. We had a wonderful visit and I loved shopping with Aunt Pat. At Shabby Chic we bought these beautiful scarves with cross pendents. I like mine so much I wanted to give one of you a chance to win one and now is the perfect time! The Forgiven Duke, book two in the Forgotten Castles series will be out in just four days! (You can probably get it now online!). To celebrate I am going to give away this beautiful scarf and cross pendent AND The Guardian Duke AND The Forgiven Duke!! Just comment about something you did or would like to do this summer.

Just comment here. I will announce the winner on July 1st.

  1. Stephanie07-01-12

    During the summer I just can’t get enough books! I have read all of you books except for Snow Angel, & the forgotten castle series! I also love doing craft projects.

  2. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Patricia, that’s hilarious! I hope you win big!

  3. jamiecarie07-01-12

    It goes so fast, Stephanie!! Enjoy those babies as much as you can, alas mine have started to move out. It’s so hard!!!!

  4. jamiecarie07-01-12

    That sounds really lovely, Tamara! I pray the perfect opportunity presents itself for you and your friends!!!

  5. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Jennifer, the Rocky Mountains ARE so gorgeous! I went there a couple of years ago with my hubby and sister and we stayed in Estes Park. We lived in the hot tub and the weather in July was amazing. Have a wonderful summer their!

  6. jamiecarie07-01-12

    I’m in the same boat, Kathleen! Praying lots of wonderful bonding moments for us moms with kids leaving the next!

  7. jamiecarie07-01-12

    I hope you get a chance to try my books, Susan. If you want to start with the series, please read The Guardian Duke first as it is a continuous series and meant to read in order (you can read it out of order but it won’t be quite the same experience:). Maybe your local library has some of my books? I LOVE the library!

  8. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Praying God provides with trip money for your family, Kim! I know there were lots of years that we couldn’t afford to go anywhere but we always found fun things to do in the summer like water balloon games, making ice pops and going to the pool and the park. Have a wonderful summer, my dear!

  9. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Carol, you’ve got to read Guardian Duke and then reread Forgiven Duke before A Duke’s Promise comes out!! LOL! It’ll be worth it, I promise. 🙂 Have a wonderful summer with your daughter!!

  10. jamiecarie07-01-12

    That sounds wonderfully romantic, Beth! Are you in Australia? I still can’t get used to the idea that the season completely switch. Have a wonderful winter for now – lol!!

  11. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Thanks for reading Guardian Duke, Lynne! Ohio Amish country sounds really peaceful and idyllic. We have a bit of Amish country in northern Indiana and it’s like stepping back in time when we travel through. (Plus the food they sell is amazing!!) Have a wonderfully blessed trip and summer! And Happy Birthday!!

  12. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Linda, I love watching the Olympics too! I did gymnastics as a girl (I was terrible! lol) and I love watching the gymnastic trials now and the real thing coming up so I’ll be glued to the TV as well! What’s your fav events? Have a fun summer!

  13. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Oh Anne, I’m so happy to hear you have exciting events coming up. I have thought of you many times over the last weeks since your tragedy! I pray you have a summer filled with God’s love and many, many blessed moments. Hugs!

  14. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Thanks for reading my books, Vickie! You can find the best things at garage sales, can’t you? You’ve given me an idea. I should blog about a great find and then start and fun conversation about the neatest thing we’ve ever found at a garage sale or flea market. Do you want to start? 🙂 Have a blast this summer!

  15. jamiecarie07-01-12

    Sounds like a full schedule, Stephanie! 🙂 Do you sell your jewelry? I’m always looking for pretty pieces to give away to my wonderful fans. Have a wonderful summer!

  16. Lynn07-01-12

    Hi Jamie,

    Wow, I used a different email address than the one that I subscribe to your newsletter with in my first post.

  17. Martha Lawson07-01-12

    I guess my biggest plans this summer are putting up veggies from my garden and trying to stay cool in this relentless Miss. heat! Your books sound wonderful. I’d love to be entered to win this fabulous prize!

  18. Emily Noyes07-01-12

    my plans this summer are to work on my painting and drawing, along with getting ahead in my school and reading lots and lots of books! 🙂

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