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Interview with Cover Model – Janelle!

Jamie Carie Interviews Book Cover Model

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


HIstorical romance novelist Jamie Carie is all about paying attention to detail in her work, so it’s no surprise that she wanted to know more about Janelle, the girl who appears on the cover of Jamie’s winter 2012 release, The Guardian Duke. So taken was Jamie by this video of the book’s photo shoot, she caught up with Janelle via email to learn more about her line of work.

Jamie: How did you become a book cover model?

Janelle: A friend of ours is a photographer and he asked me if I wanted to be a model for some book projects he was working on. After doing a few with him, I loved it, so I continued volunteering for other projects. My dad is also a photographer so I have had a camera in my face since I was very little. Due to this, I have always loved posing for the camera.

Jamie: What other modeling jobs have you done?

Janelle: Book covers have really been my only form of modeling but the ones I enjoy most are ones that require elaborate costumes.

Jamie: So, how did you end up on the cover of The Guardian Duke?

Janelle: I was contacted by Kelly at Faceout Studio after she had seen some of my previous covers.  She said she had I project she wanted to work with me on and the photographer happened to be the same one I had worked with before.  Kelly sent my headshots to the publisher and I was selected for the project.

Jamie: What do you like best about this type of work?

Janelle: The best thing about being a part of a book cover is that you’re able to take on different characters and have a chance to be several different people. When people are reading a book about a historical figure, they imagine you as the character. If they are reading about a carefree teenager, you become the teenager. Through book covers, you give visuals to people’s imaginations and you can be anything from a queen in the past to a modern-day teen.

Jamie: What’s the toughest thing about this job?

Janelle: The most challenging parts of modeling are trying to look relaxed and not awkward in front of the camera, taking on the character’s role, making yourself look believable, and making sure that the client is happy.

Jamie: Do funny things ever happen during these photo shoots?

Janelle: One funny memory was when a costume was ordered that was at least a size 10 (I’m a 2) and we had to use huge spring clips to hold the dress in place. Another memory was when a friend of mine saw someone reading a book that I had modeled for. My friend said, “Oh! The girl on the cover is my friend!”  The other person then wanted to get my autograph!

Jamie: Any closing thoughts?

Janelle: Modeling can be a blast and glamorous and I absolutely love it. However, it can be very hard work as well. There are times I may not like the costume, it’s not comfortable, it’s hot in the studio, etc. But I always try to keep a positive attitude and do my best.  God wants us to do our best in everything and stand out above the crowd.  In order to do so, I always try to give 200% in everything I do.

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