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It’s A Very Happy Valentine’s Day Because…

It’s also my new book’s birthday!!


Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! It’s here!! Rush to the Altar on Amazon now! For less than roses, a box of chocolates or jewelry (okay, all of those things are nice too!) you can buy yourself or someone you love a warm, funny and poignant love story that will fill your heart with Valentine’s love. I hope your day is special!!
valentine hearts


P.S. The book will be up on Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore and many other e-retailers within the next few days. A print version is in the works too, so don’t despair if you prefer print.
  1. Kara Grant02-14-13

    happy valentine’s day, Jamie!! so happy your new book is out and ready for readers, looking forward to getting a copy of this one 🙂 have a wonderful day filled with love, sweets and joy and thank you for all you do!
    hugs and blessings,

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