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It’s Here Again! Talk Like a Pirate Day – Argh!


September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day and I’m so glad I have a reason to celebrate each year – Pirate of my Heart! It’s currently on sale at Amazon for only $6.00 AND I am giving away a copy here on my blog. Just comment with a pirate phrase, leave a way to contact you if you win and you’ll be entered in the contest. I will draw a winner this weekend.

Here are some fun pirate videos and quizzes:

Pirate Quizzes: (Find your pirate name here!)


  1. HeatherN.09-19-12

    ARrrrrgggghhhh…if me matey’s don’t clean their room they be walkin’ the plank fer sure!

    winterrose at comcaset dot net

  2. Jane Squires09-19-12

    The landlubber thinks he got one over us. Lay him low.

  3. Amy09-19-12

    Why is all the rum gone?

  4. Teresa Orr09-19-12

    Well, shiver me timbers! Iffin ya dont be likin pirates, we’ll keelhaul ya! Arrr!

  5. Kristine Morgan09-19-12

    Hey Matey, I would luv ta snag some bounty frum Ya! Ya be pickin me or ya walk da plank!

  6. Keren Herrera09-19-12

    I would love to win a copy of your book. It would be amazing!!!

  7. Kristia09-19-12

    Ahoy, me hearties!
    Had to google it, I couldn’t think of anything to say 🙂

  8. Amy C09-19-12

    Ahoy matey! Me name Dirty Anne Vane. Argh!
    (Not sure how my pirate name came up as that! LOL)

    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  9. Rebekah Gyger09-19-12

    Argh matey, we be needen to get some vitals.

  10. Ann Thomas09-19-12

    Would luv ta win the booty, lass! Arg!

  11. melody durant09-19-12

    Ahoy thar land lubber! Me thinks I’m due a grand story of a pirate after me own heart… I’ll walk de plank fer Ye!

  12. Elora09-21-12

    I love these guys!!! They are so funny!!!!

  13. Christy Anderson09-22-12

    Ahoy maties! Es tha me book over yonder?

  14. Andrea Cox09-22-12

    Avast! Let loose o’ the treasure afore you meet the tip o’ me saber! 🙂

    andrearenee2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. Jane Squires09-23-12

    avast my heart fails me it does
    Enter me please

  16. jamiecarie09-23-12

    And the winner is . . . Andrea Cox! Congrats and a big thanks to everyone who stopped by with their Pirate phrases – they were great!!

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