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Please welcome, author Mary Connealy! Do you like cowboys and cowboy stories? I know I do and when I saw the book trailer for Mary’s new book, Out of Control, on her website I thought it looked fantastic. So put your cowgirl/cowboy hats on and enjoy! Here’s the trailer, a short interview with Mary and the book description!


So Mary, how did you get interested in writing about cowboys?

I wrote for ten years before I got my first book published and in those years I wrote everything, well, mostly always romance, but within the romance genre I wrote sweet, suspense, gothic (that one was crazy fun). And I wrote historical including cowboys. I decided at some point that if no one was going to publish me (which seemed to be true!) I might as well just write what I wanted. Petticoat Ranch, my first release, was just me having as much fun as I could.

I think of it as a suspenseful, inspirational, historical-western romantic comedy.

That’s my genre.

I invented it.

And that’s the book that finally hit, finally got published. And then wanted more. And I’m still at it. My twentieth book released in October.

Congratulations, Mary, on finding such a great niche and thank you for blessing us with your stories!

Mary Connealy writes romantic comedy with cowboys. She is a Christy Award Finalist, a Carol Award Finalist, a RITA Award Finalist and an IRCC Award finalist.

The Lassoed in Texas Series, Petticoat Ranch, Calico Canyon and Gingham Mountain. Petticoat Ranch was a Carol Award Finalist. Calico Canyon was a Christy Award Finalist and a Carol Award Finalist. These three books are now contained in one large volume called Lassoed in Texas Trilogy.The Montana Marriages Series, Montana Rose, The Husband Tree and Wildflower Bride. Montana Rose was a Carol Award Finalist.

Cowboy Christmas-the 2010 Carol Award for Best Long Historical Romance, and an Inspirational Readers Choice Contest Finalist. The Sophie’s Daughters series. Doctor in Petticoats, Wrangler in Petticoats, Sharpshooter in Petticoats.

She is also the author of; Black Hills Blessing a 3-in-1 collection of sweet contemporary romances, Nosy in Nebraska, a 3-in-1 collection of cozy romantic mysteries and she’s one of the three authors contributing to Alaska Brides with her Carol Award Winning historical romance Golden Days.

Find Mary online at:

or email her at:

And now for our Book Give Away! Out of Control

Julia Gilliland has always been interested in the natural world around her. She particularly enjoys her outings to the cavern near her father’s homestead, where she explores for fossils and formations, and plans to write a book about her discoveries. The cave seems plenty safe–until the day a mysterious intruder steals the rope she uses to find her way out.

Rafe Kincaid has spent years keeping his family’s cattle ranch going, all without help from his two younger brothers, who fled the ranch–and Rafe’s controlling ways–as soon as they were able. He’s haunted by one terrible day at the cave on a far-flung corner of the Kincaid property, a day that changed his life forever. Ready to put the past behind him, he plans to visit the cave one final time. He sure doesn’t expect to find a young woman trapped in one of the tunnels–or to be forced to kiss her!

Rafe is more intrigued by Julia than any woman he’s ever known, but how can he overlook her fascination with the cave he despises? And when his developing relationship with Julia threatens his chance at reconciliation with his brothers, will he be forced to choose between the family bonds that could restore his trust and the love that could heal his heart?

So what about you? Do you like cowboys? Westerns? Stories set in the west? Just answer one of these questions for a chance to win a copy of Mary’s book! Don’t forget to leave an email in case you win. 

If you don’t want to wait to win a copy you can find Mary’s book in stores or online here:















  1. Kara Grant10-25-11

    Yes, I love cowboy stories and would LOVE to read about Rafe and Julia! Thanks for this treat/giveaway, Jamie! My email is

  2. Melanie Dickerson10-26-11

    Hi Jamie and Mary! I am such a big fan of Mary Connealy! Her books are so fun. Don’t put me in the drawing, since I own and have read just about every book Mary has ever written!

  3. Mary Connealy10-26-11

    Hi Kara. You love cowboys, huh? Well, I can keep you entertained for a long, long time, girl. Good luck in the drawing. 😀

  4. Mary Connealy10-26-11

    MELANIE! You are such a good girl to have all my books. Thank you.

  5. Karen Sue Kimberly10-26-11

    I would love to win this book. I love Mary Connealy’s books. I have several, but not this one. I like books that have western settings.

  6. Mary Connealy10-26-11

    Hi, Karen. I’m glad you’re enjoying my books.

  7. Jennifer Dove10-26-11

    Wow – Love a great Western. I am a Montana Girl, So I would love to read and feel Montana again in your Montana Marriage Series! Here in Georgia we only get to read about Cowboys and feel good in a pair of boots! I look forward to check out your website and adding you to new authors I have read. I would Love to add “Out of Control”to my bookshelf of well read boks:) Jdovefamily (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Jamie Adams10-26-11

    I left a comment earlier but don’t see it. I love cowboy stories and after reading Mary’s books I’m a big fan.

  9. Kara Grant10-26-11

    LOL Mary, thanks! I haven’t read your books yet but I look forward to enjoying them now 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!

  10. Natalie Monk10-26-11

    Hi Jamie! Hi Mary! I LOVE to read about cowboys. One of my favorite cowboy stories (besides Mary’s. They’re a given.) was about a shoot out at an old saw mill and the villain ended up falling to his death from a high walkway in the mill. Call me morbid, but I loved that story and that the bad guy got his comeuppance. Only I can’t remember the name of it to save my life. Can’t remember the author either. I got it from the library and can’t find it now. Oh, well. Would love to win Out of Control! Sounds right up my alley. 🙂

  11. Natalie Monk10-26-11

    Oops. Forgot my email. It’s simmadar(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. Dawn Crandall10-26-11

    I love cowboys!! It helps that my brother is one. 😀
    I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while now!!

  13. jamiecarie10-26-11

    Dawn! Your brother is a cowboy?? Tell us more! 🙂

  14. jamiecarie10-26-11

    Natalie, I have so many stories floating around in my head like that. They just stuck but I can’t remember the title or the author! LOL! My fav cowboy scene recently is actually in the movie remake True Grit with Jeff Bridges. They really captured the loneliness and true spirit of a person. When the guy in the bear suit rode up on the horse??? Ha! And when he carried her to the house, the horse spent and him almost, wow. I wished she had turned out a little happier at the end, a little less bitter, but that was a good one. Oh, and if anyone is around the Indianapolis area in December!! The author of Long Knife and soooo many other classic historicals, James Alexander Thom will be there!!! I will be seriously star struck. Can’t wait!!!

  15. Mary Connealy10-27-11

    Jamie and Natalie, I’m the same way. A scene will float into my head and I’ll remember loving it and I can’t pin it down to any particular book. Just something I read once that stuck with me….which is something, as an author, I’d love to do….stick with someone.
    I liked the new True Grit, too, but it just didn’t have the charm of the first one.
    I was trying to name a character … a minor character outlaw…and I was thinking of John Wayne calling that one guy the Original Mexican Bob.
    Okay it was bugging me so I looked it up and found this cut from the movie script:

    John Wayne talking: That’s Ned Pepper, all right.

    That’s him hollering.

    That’s the original Mexican Bob with him.

    – There’s more than one?

    – There’s a younger one. But he ain’t a patch to this one.

    Mary again, done quoting…isn’t that odd that the line popped into my head, such a minor moment. But it struck me as so charming. The Original Mexican Bob and the younger Mexican Bob.
    It’s a wonder I have room in my brain to remember my phone number.

  16. Mary Connealy10-27-11

    I’m also overusing the word ‘charming’ lately for some reason. I hope I’m not doing that in my books. 🙂

  17. Faye Oygard10-27-11

    Well, growing up in the midwest around cowboys, I naturally have always loved ’em. Plus the fact that I LOVE horses, makes cowboys, (who ride horses) really amazing. I’ve admired the work ethic and hardworking-ness often associated with cowboys, forever. But what can I say? I live in the midwest 🙂

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  18. jamiecarie10-28-11

    LOL! Mary!! Thanks for looking that up, that’s so funny! I’ll have to see the original movie.
    Hey all, what’s your favorite cowboy/western character from a book or movie?

  19. karenk10-28-11

    HI Jamie and Mary.

    A great posting….I would LOVE to read this fabulous novel. Thanks for the chance.

    Oh, I LOVE cowboys, too 🙂

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  20. Jennifer Whitney10-28-11

    I love stories set in the west. Sounds like a great book!

  21. Gwendolyn Gage10-30-11

    I love both cowboys and westerns! Thanks for this opportunity!


  22. Michelle V10-31-11

    I love western historical romances, especially Mary Connealy’s! I’m a huge fan! Thanks for the chance to win.


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