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Rush to the Altar – FYI



Be Forewarned!

As my new release hits the virtual shelves I feel the need to clarify an important difference with this book aside from the fact that it is contemporary vs. my usual historicals. Rush to the Altar is classified under the general market, contemporary romance NOT inspirational. It is a fun, “sweet” read in the vein of a Stephanie Plum (by Janet Evanovich) book or movie. If it was a movie, I doubt it would be PG13, probably PG. There is no violence, one kissing scene that might be a little hot – although certainly no more intense than some of the passionate scenes in my other, inspirational books, drinks at a fund raiser and a couple of light curse words from a secondary character. It does have an endearing heroine who is trying to get her life back together after her husband’s death, a hunky man of upright character for the hero and how they handle life’s curveballs – together. It’s meant to be fun and entertaining with humorous and poignant scenes (think Hallmark movie) – not life changing – lol! Sometimes even authors need a break from intense work and I enjoyed my journey with Maddie and Jake very much.

I hope you will give it a try but if you only read very conservative Christian books then you may want to pass on this one. For those of you that enjoy a sweet romance that makes you laugh one minute and cry the next, this one is for you.

Thanks for reading!

And P.S., for a chance to win a copy go to the next post here on this blog – ends tonight!




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