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Okay, I haven’t been on a live chat in awhile….and I have to say it was a blast! If you like books please join the Book Club Network where Nora St. Laurent and her wonderful husband Fred (Phred) have so many contests, so much news, so much…….BOOK Stuff! You will love it. I had such a great time on their site!

In honor of the many new friends I met, I am giving away a free copy of Pirate of my Heart along with a surprise gift (or two) to one person. Just comment here. What is your favorite online moment?

I wish I knew how to do this live chat but I don’t so let the fun begin with comments!!!

Hugs to all,



  1. karenk09-27-11

    this was the second bookchat that i participated in…i loved the interaction between all of us the best…you know what i mean, right 🙂

    it was my pleasure ‘chatting’ w/ you jamie.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  2. jamiecarie09-27-11

    Yes that was fun! I’ll have to look for more of those! Great to “meet” you, Karen!!

  3. Jennifer Dove09-27-11

    My favorite online moment. 9/12 after spending numerous hours with my child at CHOA due to her car accident. Instead of looking up PTSD and concussion. I played the contest, my daughter cheered me on by holding my arm – my hands were to busy and smiling:) it was crazy, wild – amazing, wonderful people laughter, nobody knew what was going on!!! I found peace that night. because I found peace that night, I now have new friends, a great place to go for insite. I had a wonderful fun time last night as well. I even was able to pray with members of the book club and about my daughter. Praise GOd for wonderful On-line moments!! – Jenn

  4. Emily09-28-11

    I haven’t yet had the opportunity to participate in an online venue just because my schedule hasn’t worked, but it’s something I’d like to do.

    I just wanted to leave a post today, because I stumbled on your new book (and blog) through another blog and just had to say how awesome your new release sounds! I hosted a pirate murder mystery for a church social event and it was a blast. The title of your book alone made me go “oh man, I want to read this–how fun!” who doesn’t like an adventure on the high seas?

    I’ve never read your books, but I love the idea of changing up your settings. Iceland?! Awesome.

  5. faith hope & cherrytea09-29-11

    luvluvluv online chats! fave moment? oooo so many –
    hmmm meeting someone new who responds to your comment{s} has to be a fave moment – someone else is getting you and what you have to say…. luv that!
    thx for asking! and glad you had such a great time Jamie!

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