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More Hats Coming In!


From Kelly Valentine Jones

From Amy McCleery

From Megan @ Hardcover

From Jennifer Langford

From Kassidy Krainock


By  Twinbelle

From Susan Baganez

From Rita

From David via world famous artist Xoe!


From Anne

Stephanie’s hat. She says ” It is of the Gainsborough style, popularized in paintings by the artist Thomas Gainsborough through about 1788.”


From Teressa

From Kim O’Hanlon

From Patsy

From Karen Moses


From Kim Chavez

From Charity

From lyounce

From Hannah

From Rita


From Pam Hillman

From Mary Beth

From Karla

From Jennifer Fuchikami

From Sharon

From Starla

Hat from Jennifer Dove

From Wyndy

From Roseanna











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