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The Making of The Guardian Duke

I am so excited to share this with you all! My wonderful publishing house, B&H Publishing, arranged for a special video called The Making of The Guardian Duke cover shoot. This is the first book in my Forgotten Castles series out February 2012. It really impacted me. I cried every time I watched it for two days! I think it was because this model so perfectly fits my heroine, Alexandria Featherstone, that it was as if this character I had dreamed up had come to life. All of my heroines are like daughters to me and here she was, all grown up and so beautiful, just as I had imagined her.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


  1. Christine Lindsay06-18-11

    Beautiful, Jaimie, what a joy to see your character become flesh and blood. I know the joy, and what a highlight in one’s life.

    Author of Shadowed in Silk, released by WhiteFire Publishing, 2011

  2. Anne Payne06-18-11

    Lovely young woman! Such a haunting melody. I can’t wait until your book comes out and I can read it! Thank you for sharing this :0)

  3. Laura Frantz06-18-11

    Jamie, Thanks so much for posting this beautiful video! It’s really zipping around the web:) I posted it on my blog and am getting some wonderful comments about you. Bless you and can’t wait to read!!

  4. Connie Brown06-18-11

    It must be an amazing feeling to see a character in your book take her place on the cover. Congratulations.

  5. Lisa Bergren06-19-11

    Very cool. Did the cover design studio produce the video? Awesome!

  6. Jaime Wright06-22-11

    Looks like the creation of a MOVIE! Loved it – can’t imagine the feeling watchign the photo shoot. Way cool!

  7. Jennifer Dove10-08-11

    You really let everything hang on your sleeve. Thank you!
    The book will be amazing.

  8. Joanne Bischof05-15-12

    Wow, that is really neat! I loved watching it.

  9. Susan08-28-12

    Who are the male and female actors in the trailor/on the book cover? She reminds me of Michelle Trachtenberg. 🙂

  10. Deborah Westfall07-26-13

    I have read most of your books, thoroughly enjoying each one! I must say, you are getting better and better – The Forgiven Duke is your greatest triumph! Please continue!

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